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Municipality kicks off installation of 500 new elevators in Yerevan


The majority of elevators in blocks of flats in the capital have been used for more than 40 years while the term of using elevators is up to 25 years. So residents live in permanent fear of being locked in or elevators being out of order.

At the end of 2019, Yerevan Municipality initiated experimental project of replacing old elevators with new ones and 20 elevators were replaced within the scope of the program. It was planned to replace 100 more elevators in 2020. In January of this year Mayor Marutyan made a decision to increase the number of elevators five times.
Yerevan Mayor is the first to watch the capacities of the new elevators. In accordance with the law “On the management of blocks of flats” the elevators are the common stock ownership of residents. However, taking into account the social aspect of the problem and the danger for residents’ health and life, this program which used to seem infeasible, was initiated by the community. It is the first time when the work of such volumes is to be implemented by means of the city budget.
“During the last 28 years only 35 elevators were replaced with new ones. Currently, we set a task to have 520 elevators replaced”, stressed the Mayor.
The Municipality replaces the old and damaged elevators and the process costs nothing to residents. Instead, the residents have to get ready for the next replacement in 20 or 25 years, which will be at their own costs. “The residents should start saving up today so as 25 years later they will be able to replace their elevators by their own means”, added the Mayor.
The new elevators are adapted for people with vision, hearing and locomotor problems. This requirement was included in the competition application.
“Adaptation of elevators for people with disabilities was one of requirements set by me. Besides, it is highly important that elevators work with UPS system and is case of power cut the elevator approaches the nearest floor and the doors open there”, mentioned the Mayor.
At this moment, replacement activities are going on in 124 places. The program is to be completed by the end of the year.
This program also solves another important problem” it provides jobs for many specialists and boosts the development of the field in the capital.
“Many of our compatriots who repatriated from Russia and Belarus are involved in the activities of installation of elevators”, added the Mayor.
The program is to be continued in subsequent years. Totally, there are 3000 elevators which need replacement. Currently, to ensure residents’ safety, the existing elevators will be renovated by means of the budgets of the administrative districts.


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