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“Yerevan residents won’t put up with dirty streets anymore”: Hayk Marutyan to put conditions before “Sanitek”


Before turning to the items during the regular working conference Hayk Marutyan thanked the residents for active participation in the republican-wide clean-up action. Referring to waste management problem in the capital Mayor Marutyan expressed his discontent with the work of “Sanitek” and stressed that the city authorities won’t put up with such a poor quality any more.
Mayor Marutyan warned that if the company is unable to provide proper sanitary cleaning the city authorities will undertake it. If the company decides to go on working, the authorities will keep the process under tight control and apply penalties and fines. The Municipality gave enough time to the company to improve its work. “The citizens won’t put up with dirty streets any more”, stressed the Mayor.
The cleaning of the drainage pipes is going on in the capital. “Sanitek” and “Veolia Jur” companies were instructed to do coordinated teamwork so that there won’t appear garbage accumulations.
Attaching importance to proper organization of building sites Mayor Marutyan instructed to carry out inspections in all building sites and take measures to bring them to order to ensure safety.
As regards public transport drivers’ violations such as smoking or talking on the mobile phone while driving or some other complaints received it was instructed to strengthen the control.
The “Ambulance” company was instructed to ensure light and sound signals being on during calls so that other vehicles could see and hear them and yield the way. “Drivers must be attentive when they hear and see the ambulance and yield the road as it is vital and can save someone’s life”, stressed the Mayor.
Speaking about procurement competitions Hayk Marutyan stressed that the Municipality will be consistent regarding the companies won the competition and control the quality of their work.
“We will demand meeting each point fixed in the contract. If the quality is not provided the companies will be left out and applied penalties and fines. No eyewash or deception and falsehood will be tolerated by the Municipality”, stressed the Mayor.



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