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Hayk Marutyan visits parks under improvement in Yerevan


Yerevan Municipality is carrying out large-scale well-arrangement programs in recreation zones of the capital. Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan visited one of the parks under improvement; This park occupies the area of about 3 hectares and is called “New Arabkir Park” but is better known as “Molokans’ Park”.

“New Arabkir Park” has never seen any repairing and improvement activity so we have started large-scale work here. I would like to stress that due to our negotiations with the private sector it has become possible to return this park to the community and to start this well-arrangement process which is going on in full swing”, said the Mayor.

Within the frames of complex improvement the recreation zone is to be provided with new irrigation and illumination networks, energy saving LED lanterns to be installed, wheelchair access to be provided, fountains to be re-operated, the monument called New Arabkir to be repaired, walkways to be improved. Te park will also have new benches, gazebos, WCs.

The improvement activities in the park of Kanaker HES is going to be over.

To irrigate the vast green area of this park a special pool was built and pump irrigation system was installed. Walkways, a stage for various events, sandy playground were installed, wheelchair access was provided as well. And as usual the park has new benches, gazebos, dustbins and new trees planted.

During the working tour the Mayor gave some instructions to relevant structures. He outlined a number of defects to be corrected so as the residents get the park fully well-arranged and landscaped. Generally, the Mayor was satisfied with the work done.

Final activities are going on in Martiros Saryan park. The renovation of the park became possible due to the “Active citizen” platform. The improvement project was offered through the platform and voted for.
Another new recreation zone is going to be opened for townspeople. It is a modern skate-park which is located in the area of Circular Park. In parallel with this project the Municipality initiated complex improvement of the 6th segment of the park and the work is to be over in a few days.


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