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Mayor Hayk Marutyan meets President of Board of Chairs of “Metrogiprotrans” company Valery Abramson


The ”Metrogiprotrans” company (Russia) has become winner of the competition for the construction of the new underground station “Ajapnyak” in Yerevan. The problems related to designing and perspective development of the underground were discussed during the meeting of Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan and the President of the Board of Chairs of “Metrogiprotrans” company Valery Abramson. Development of the Underground is of significant importance for urban transport reforms, and today Yerevan Municipality is taking firm steps to build the new station.

“General improvement of transport system being of vital importance for Yerevan consists of several parts and different stages. Currently, we are engaged in developing city transport by replacement of old buses with new ones. In parallel, we are trying to solve the problem of the Underground. Yerevan Municipality carried out rather complicated activity: we have gathered efficient specialists engaged in the Underground construction and now they are here, in Armenia and joining our efforts we have been able to hold the competition for the design project. The process took a year and a half. Currently we are up to the final stage: the winner has been chosen and the contract has been signed”, stressed the Mayor.

The President of the Board of Chairs of “Metrogiptrans” company Valery Abramson presented the draft design variants of Ajapnyak metro station to the Mayor.
Mr. Abramson pointed out that from the point of view the city development the Underground is of great significance. He outlined that their winning in competition for the construction of a small segment of the Underground is a good start from where it is necessary to move forward. The city authorities are striving to find strategic solutions for construction of new buildings, effective development of transport infrastructures despite actually limited possibilities.

“Metrogiprotrans” company suggested the RA Government the project of the Underground development the cost of which is USD 500 million. The Russian agency for Export Credit Insurance is ready to show support to the program.
‘With these means we will be able to modernize the infrastructures of the Underground, and we can also anticipate the segments of the city to where the stations can expand”, marked Mr. Abramson.
“This project is to be financed within 6 months so as the activities could be started. I’d like to inform that the Underground is a state property, it is not a community-owned property, therefore the financing is to be provided form the stage budget. We all know that our republic is facing serious hardships, and I hope those problems will be overcome and new financial means will be found for the Underground”, stressed Hayk Marutyan.

The preliminary design includes construction of a bridge over the Hrazdan canyon which is to be used only for the Underground. “Metrogiprotrans” proposes to construct the second floor for vehicles and pedestrians. During the meeting the parties noted that it is desirable to construct an underground station instead of the station on the bridge as underground stations are more convenient for passengers and from the point of view of infrastructure development.
At the end of the meeting Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan handed the signed contract for designing “Ajapnyak” metro station to the President of the Board of Chairs of “Metrogiprotrans” company Valery Abramson.

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