Survival rate of trees in city forest zones is 95%

Nature protection

The survival rate of the trees planted in 19 hectares of the city forests and restored green areas is 95%. 15 hectares of the forest zone is in Yerablur area.
The expert of “Landscaping and Environment Protection” NCO Hasmik Khurshudyan explained some problems the organization encountered while planting the trees in Yerablur. This area is a stone mine and besides stones and rocks, the soil is highly salty. So, a special technology was developed.
8 km of irrigation network was installed and then 5 thousand trees and bushes were planted. The sorts suitable for local climate were selected: apricot trees, apple trees, pear trees. The road was aligned with sycamores. The young trees require a lot of care, and the hard work gave its results: the survival rate in the area is 95%.
Yerevan has lots of environmental problems, the main solution of which is increasing forest zones and green areas, particularly in slope parts.
The expert outlined the high survival rate of the trees planted recently in Tsitsernakaberd and Yerablur areas. This result is due to new approaches to tree planting and forest laying. In a couple of years people can see thick forest zones in these areas.
This year it is planned to expand the city forests by 35 hectares. New forest zones will be laid in Nork highlands and in Avan. First of all, the areas must be provided with proper irrigation. Tree planting activities are going to be organized this autumn.


Քաղաքային անտառներում կպչողականությունը 95 տոկոս է