Issues Related to City Reforms Discussed with Representatives of US Embassy in Armenia


The city authorities of Yerevan are considering the creation of the municipal police as a follow-up of the patrol police service. The issues related to the development of the concept were discussed during the meeting with the representatives of the Law Enforcement Cooperation Section of the US Embassy in Armenia.

Attaching importance to the creation of the system, Deputy Mayor Avinyan outlined the existence of various fields in the capital that need regulation. They particularly emphasized the significance of supervisory function and powers in street trade regulation, littering at undesignated areas, illegal constrution, placement of illegal advertisements, regulation of public ransport routes and parking lots, public order maintenance.

Head of the section Alexis Haftani in his turn stressed the importance of the improvements initiated by Yerevan Municipality and added that the US Embassy in Armenia is ready to assist the community. According to the agreement made during the meeting, Yerevan Municipality will work out and submit the package of actions which will include the spheres to cover, the functions of departments, the regulations as well as legislative changes if needed.

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