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“We will celebrate of City Day after our victory”


Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan’s address

Dear Yerevanians,
These days our all efforts, our thoughts and prayers are addressed to Artsakh. In this hard struggle forced by the terroristic armies of the enemy each of us is engaged in the Homeland defense and achievement of victory. Our subsequent generations, speaking about these days will remember the heroism of our guys and the unity and devotion our nation feel today.

Today is the day of Erebuni-Yerevan celebration, and we had to delay it but we will celebrate it after our victory. And today let’s not to forget, that defending the holy land of Artsakh we protect the walls of the thousand-year-old fortress of Erebuni, the Opera and the national Gallery, St. Sarkis church and Matenadaran. After our victory we will reconstruct our towns ruined by the barbaric invaders. We will make our cities more beautiful, make them flourish proving for the hundredth time that Armenian’s will to live is unbreakable. I am sure that only festive dates will be added to our calendars. There is no other perspective. Our goal is fair, and the victory is unavoidable.

Eternal glory to our heroes! Viva united Armenians! Long live eternal Armenia and Artsakh land!