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The finds discovered recently in the archaeological site of Karmir Blur are exhibited


Deputy Mayor Aram Sukiasyan was present at the opening of the exhibition called “On the traces of history” organized in the hall of the Yerevan History Museum. The finds dated from the Urartian period till the 1st century AD which were discovered at the historical and cultural site of Karmir Blur are exhibited here. This archaeological site occupying the area of 40 hectares consists of the pre-Urartian settlement, a Urartian town with a middle fortress. From the 6th century BC till the 1st century AD the area served as a burial place. The exhibition includes household pottery and glass items, jewelry, bronze parts of weapons and so on.

The area was found in 1039, the first diggings were over in 1968. During the diggings the name of the town was found out as it was mentioned in the record-Teyshebaini. The second period of diggings started as a result of road construction activities which were going on with the aim of reloading the traffic in the center of the capital. According to the Yerevan Municipality draft an asphalt road Argavand-Shirak as well as a bridge with the width of the Hrazdan gorge is to be constructed here. “We have a flexible draft with various road construction solutions, for instance, the variant of using columns in some places so that the archeological site wouldn’t be damaged. The construction of the road here was planned as far back as in the Soviet years. While initiating the project it was clear that there were some arguable issues, as the site is a historical and archaeological monument. Thus a working group was formed comprising of specialists, representatives of NGOs, all interested parties and as a result of numerous discussions it was decided that first of all diggings are to be organized so that no items of archaeological significance remained there. So, the construction of the road caused the discovery of the burial place of Karmir Blur. The project is to be implemented through mutual understanding which will be beneficial so as both the city benefit from it and our historical and cultural values could be revealed and presented to public”, said the Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Aram Sukiasyan and added that the construction of the road will also limit the expansion of the cemetery adjacent to Karmir Blur.


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