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Safety and improvement of quality of life: 64 more families get flats from community


64 more families living in the blocks of flats with 4th rate of emergency will now live in new comfortable flats located at 3, Sisakyan street. Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan handed the certificate of ownership and the keys to the new flat to the Hayrapetyans.
“Some of the residents of the high emergency rate block of flats at 8 and 10, Artsakh street 4th lane were resettled in 2019 and with the construction of this building we completely solved this problem”, said the Mayor.
Taking into account the state of emergency caused by the pandemic, the families are getting the keys one by one. Before putting the building into operation the families were settled in rented flats and the rents were compensated by the community.
“Resettlement of people from high emergency rate buildings is one of the most important programs. It is not simply the program improving people’s life conditions but the one that ensures their security”, stressed the Mayor.
Mayor Hayk Marutyan toured about the flats, familiarized himself with the facilities. The flats are provided with all conveniences such as heating systems, water and gas supply systems as well as with ready interior.

“Settlement of this problem makes all of us feel happy. I’d like to thank all Yerevanians as the construction of this building was financed from the city budget which means that all residents contributed to it. I am happy that the city authorities had the opportunity to use the budget means and provide these people who used to live in the poorest conditions with new, comfortable flats”, added the Mayor.
This program of high social significance will be continued. Another block of flats will soon be built in Margaryan street by means of the community budget and resettlement of other people living in high emergency rate buildings will become possible as well.


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