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Levon Hovhannisyan hosts Los Angeles Mayor’s young ambassadors


First Deputy Mayor Levon Hovhannisyan hosted the students who arrived in Yerevan within the framework of Los Angeles Mayor’s Young Ambassadors Program. The program is carried out by the initiative of Los Angeles City Hall.

For the young foreigners chosen various professions the visit to Armenia is a possibility to get to know about the history, culture of the country as well as about the activity of local self-governance bodies, in particular, the Municipality of Yerevan.
Greeting the guests Levon Hovhannisyan presented in brief the format of the city governance, the role of the Council of Elders, the main directions of the city development and its priority programs.
Expressing gratitude for the meeting, the young ambassadors asked about the problems existing in the fields of education, social life and urban economy and the reforms aimed at their settlement. After the informal conversation the participants visited the Yerevan History Museum.

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