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Solar panels to be installed on the roofs of 90 blocks of flats in the capital


The first stage of “Yerevan-solar community” program involves 52 blocks of flats selected by the standards set in advance. Additional seismic studies are to carried out in nearest time in these locations. And afterwards in 45 buildings the program will be put into practical realization and the process of installation of the solar panels is to be started next year. This information was given during the meeting of the coordination council of “EU for Yerevan: Solar Community” program in which the representatives of administrative districts and condominiums were participating. It should be noted that the program is carried out at the cost of the grant allotted by the EU within the scope of “Covenant of Mayors’ initiative.
The program “EU for Yerevan: Solar Community” involves 90 blocks of flats on the roofs of which it is planned to install photovoltaic systems which will provide generation of energy necessary for energy supply of common use premises (lighting of staircases and yard areas, as well as elevators). The aim of this project is reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions vis using renewable energy sources and energy efficiency increase in blocks of flats of Yerevan. The expected total volumes of CO2 reduction are about 850 tons per year.

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