The construction of the new motorway leading from Shirak street to Argavand highway has started


Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan took part in the ceremony of foundation of the motorway leading from Shirak street to Argavand highway. The new road with uninterrupted traffic which is being constructed within the frames of the 2nd tranche of the investment program of sustainable urban development financed by the Asian Bank for Development will have 4-6 traffic zones of 24 m wide and 1.5 km long in average.

The Mayor was presented the details of the program o the spot. The persons in charge noted that the motorway will correspond to the international standards and will be provided with new infrastructures. During the construction all necessary communication lines will be replaced and LED street amps will be installed in the system of lighting.
The valuable archaeological samples belonging to Urartian period found during excavations in the area of the motorway were presented to the Mayor as well. It should be noted that taking into account that the road is to pass nearby the historical and archaeological area of Karmur Blur, all necessary excavations were carried out before starting the construction of Shirak-Argavand motorway, so that no antiquity stayed under the ground.
During the ceremony of laying the foundation Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan and the President of Serenissima Construzioni company Alberto Brentegani signed the bilateral memorandum announcing the start of the new motorway construction and one copy of the memorandum was placed in the foundation of the future road.
Attaching particular importance to the implementation of large road construction programs in the capital Mayor Taron Margaryan stressed that today serious steps are being taken towards the construction of new bypass roads which are included in the municipal program aimed at the traffic regulation.
“It's already two years we have been implementing stage by stage the large-scale road construction programs jointly with the Asian Bank for Development. Today we gave the start to the road segment leading from Shirak street to Argavand highway. Within the scope of this construction 252-meter-long bridge will be constructed over the Hrazdan river and it will bear the name “Erebuni-Yerevan 2800” and will be devoted the Yerevan's 2800th anniversary. I'd like to note that the construction will be carried out by the experienced Italian company won in the international competition”, said the Mayor.
The road construction projects being carried out within the frames of the investment program of sustainable urban development will be continued within a few coming years and will involve other administrative districts of the capital as well.
“Soon the third and the fourth stags of the program which are still in the phase of competition will be started. On the whole, the by-pass motorway of 23 km with uninterrupted traffic which will correspond to international standards will be constructed within all stages of the program. The motorway will stretch from Artashat highway towards Ashtarak highway connecting Shengavit, Malatia Sebastia, Ajapnyak and Davtashen administrative districts. it will become a road junction of big significance solving the problem of traffic relief in the center of the capital which will be really a big achievement for Yerevan”, said the Mayor.
It should be noted that the construction of the road is to be finished within 2 years. The persons in charge assured tha Mayor the construction would be finished in accordance with the scheule.


Information and Public Relations Department
of the City Hall of Yerevan


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