Structural digital reforms are launched to promote efficient management of community


Every day numerous citizens and entities apply to Yerevan Municipality, administrative districts or municipal establishments with this or that problem.
To make the community services more available and of better quality the city authorities initiated complete digitizing of services considering it to be the only way to avoid endless queues and paperwork. Since April 1 Yerevan Municipality has been operating “Mulberry” system.
Currently, the city is processing several digital projects at the same time. The official website of Yerevan Municipality ( is being updated.
“The official website of Yerevan Municipality was worked out and installed in 2012 and has been serving out townspeople for 10 years, however, technology has changed and the website doesn’t meet requirements any more”, said the head of “Technology Management Centre of Yerevan” CJSC Sargis Manukyan.
Everything starts with designing of interface. Branding was made in concordance with the emblem – in dark blue and orange colours. The website will be more user-friendly. A mobile app has been worked out as well.
According to the senior project manager Sona Manukyan, the content of the website is going to be brought up to date: payments and requests can be made more easily, applications, announcements and e-permissions will be in separate sections and available in just one-click mode.
A new system of external advertising management is going to be installed as well. It will make the process beginning from application to permission more available through computers or mobiles. As the Deputy Mayor Suren Geghamyan claimed they intend to reduce the paperwork as much as possible and to provide only digitized services. Simplification of all processes, their transparency will bring to services on a new level of quality.

After the successful examples of digitation of the sphere of education – systems of e-management of kindergartens and music schools- it now came to sport schools. Information on sport schools, trainers, athletes and their achievements will be available on the new website.
Another project is being installed step by step. It is a platform for human resources management. There will be interesting methods of work assessment to encourage employees.
Generally, various systems are worked out and installed which are not visible but are of no less importance from the point of view of automation. Such systems are called to make the activity inside the Municipality more efficient and sophisticated.
Yerevan follows the “Smart City” concept gradually switching to digital management and using the technologies of the 5th generation.


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