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Comparing with the same period of last year Yerevan budget incomes increased by 15.4%


Before starting the consideration of the issues of the agenda of the regular working meeting Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan introduced the newly-appointed Advisor to the Mayor for legal issues Karen Hambardzumyan to the staff.

Taking the opportunity, the Mayor touched upon judicial reforms in the country in the context of the activity of Yerevan Municipality.
“last week we spoke about judicial cases with which we have problems, and today’s events logically continue what has happened and is happening in our country. During the receptions held in the City Hall, hundreds of citizens apply to us with the complaints about court verdicts. This aspect shows the imperfectness of judicial system. When you study a citizen’s problem it becomes clear that even when he/she is 100% right, the judge protected the interests of a certain oligarch. Unfortunately, the situation is still the same. We have started a new regime for already a year, but problems are still rooted in this system and they don’t let us move forward. We can find solutions to all other problems which don’t deal with judicial system. It is a big obstacle for us, and I think that improvement of the judicial system is vital for our state”, said the Mayor.
Currently, there are about 5000 litter bins in the capital, but their number should be 8000. So, Mayor Marutyan instructed “Sanitek” company to take measures to provide necessary quantity of litter bins.
“I want to inform that we won’t wait till “Sanitek” has provided the right number of litter bins. We will take to this problem and do our best to ensure high quality service even though it is not our duty”, said the Mayor.
During the working meeting the Mayor was reported that in comparison with the same period of last year Yerevan budget income had increased by 15.4%-AMD 1 milliard 200 million.

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