Noragyugh Quarter – New Downtown of Yerevan: Mayor Avinyan Meets French Architects

Urban development

Among the large urban development programs to be implemented in Yerevan, the community considers the reconstruction of Noragyugh quarter. It will not only make it possible to combine the new and the traditional urban environment in the historical quarter of Yerevan, but also to find solutions to the problems rooted for decades. The issues related to the project were discussed during the meeting of Yerevan Mayor Tigran Avinyan with distinguished French architects who carried out large-scale projects in many countries.
Expressing gratitude for the visit Mayor Tigran Avinyan outlined that while implementing large-scale urban development programs they take into consideration the areas where there is a potential for formation of a new environment and solution of rooted problems.
“With the “Downtown” project of Noragyugh quarter we aim at relieving the small centre of the city and at designing new features of modern Yerevan”, said the mayor.
Attaching importance to the implementation of similar projects architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte marked that he is impressed with the geographic location of the quarter and its peculiarity.
“I am happy to be able to reveal Yerevan, to see Ararat and to have a participation in designing such a project. Mr.Mayor, I really like your idea. It can become a busy, lively, and comfortable quarter adjacent to the city centre. In this project we see a town square in the cosy centre of Yerevan”, said Jean-Michel Wilmotte.
Currently the French architects are going to study the problems of the quarter, perspectives of its development and to submit conceptual proposals.

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