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Teacher’s Day: Best school director, school teacher and kindergarten teacher of the year awards


The Best School Director, Best School Teacher and Best Kindergarten Teacher of Yerevan became known during the event dedicated to Teacher’s Day. In the nomination of the Best School Director of 2019/2020 was awarded the director of the school N181 in Yerevan Lilit Areyan; the teacher of biology of the basic school N186 Gayaneh Buldoyan was recognized the Best School Teacher of the year; and the teacher of the kindergarten N33 Annman Melkonyan was recognized the Best Kindergarten Teacher of the year.

On the event of Teacher’s Day, for significant contribution and achievements in the sphere of education, a number of teachers were awarded wit Yerevan Mayor’s honorary diplomas. The awards were handed to the teachers by the head of the Department of General Education of Yerevan Municipality and the members of the Council of Elders. The event organized at the Dramatic Theatre after H. Ghaplanyan was continued with the performance.



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