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First official visit to Stepanakert: delegation headed by Mayor Hayk Marutyan is in Artsakh


Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan who is in Stepanakert with an official visit met the President of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan. Stepanakert Mayor Suren Grigoryan, the Minister of Culture, Youth Affairs and Tourism Lernik Hovhannisyan, the members of the Council of Elders of Yerevan, other official participated in the meeting. The issues related to the cooperation of Yerevan with the capital and districts of Artsakh were discussed during the meeting.
The President of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan stressed that various programs had been carried out in Artsakh due to cooperation with Yerevan Municipality, and stressed the importance of keeping the high level of interaction.
Expressing gratitude for warm welcome Hayk Marutyan noted the symbolism of his first visit to Artsakh, stressed the importance of friendly relations and cooperation between Armenian capitals and stated his willingness for cooperation expansion.


Within the scope of the meeting with the state minister of Artsakh Grigory Martirosyan, the parties attached importance to strengthening the economic ties and cooperation expansion in the areas of education, culture and sport. Yrevan mayor and the state minister also had a tete-a-tete meeting, then it was continued in the expanded format. Grigory Martirosyan attached importance to the official visit of Hayk Marutyan to Stepanakert and stressed the necessity of more frequent bilateral visits.
“The cooperation between Yerevan and Stepanakert is on the high level. I hope, that the relationship between two Armenian capitals will become stronger”, said the minister.
Expressing gratitude for the reception, Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan outlined the importance of strengthening the ties in educational, cultural and sport fields. The importance of teachers’ training was particularly stressed as regards the cooperation in the sphere of education. The parties also touched upon the issues of expansion of touristic possibilities, particularly, prior to the Pan Armenian Ganes.
“Stregth begins from Artsakh, and Stepanakert is the hearth of patriotism”, said Hayk Marutyan.
The Mayor of Stepanakert Suren Grigoryan, Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Tigran Virabyan, other officials took part in the meeting as well.


Within the scope of the meeting of mayors of Yerevan and Stepanakert, Hayk Marutyan and Suren Grigoryan summarized the results of many-year cooperation and discussed further plans. Hayk Marutyan stressed that the cooperation must be long-term, and the frames of the cooperation must be expanded.
Expressing gratitude for willingness to cooperate Suren Grigoryan noted that Yerevan’s successful experience in different spheres of urban economy is highly important for Stepanankert.


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