Approximately 130 trees and 2000 bushes planted near Yerevan Lake

Nature protection

The area adjacent to Yerevan Lake, which has been turned into a recreation zone, will get new landscaping solutions. Approximately 130 big trees, more than 2000 bushes will be planted during the tree planting action.
 A new irrigation system was installed, a special design is worked out for the rocky areas to make them in tune with the local architectural look. Yerevanian reservoir was constructed in 1970 on the Hrazdan river. The reservoir provides irrigation and mitigates the climatic conditions in summer.
In 2024, it is planned to expand the forest areas by 10 hectares. During the spring activities 45000 bushes, 1000 precious and mature trees have been planted in the city, and 1000 more have been planted in forest zones. Tree planting actions are carried out only in irrigated areas. Approximately half million flowers and decorative plans will decorate the lawns of the city.




Շուրջ 130 հասուն ծառ և ավելի քան 2000 թուփ՝ Երևանյան լճի հարակից տարածքում