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Skate park to make Circular park look in a new way


Yerevan will shortly have a public skate park. The construction of the renovated recreation zone has come to its final stage. The project has been awaited by skateboarding fans who can be often seen in the area surrounding the statue of Vardan Mamikonyan. This is the only area suitable for skating to more or less extent.

According to the President of the Federation of Skateboarding of Armenia Emil Sardaryan, they have been waiting for such a skate park for almost eight years. This park will make it possible to develop skateboarding in Armenia bringing it up to a new level. Various tournaments can be organized here for both local and international skateboarders.
The responsibility of improvement of nearly 5000 sq m of public area was undertaken by the Union of Armenians of the Ukraine. It is one of the best cooperation models between the community and private sector. The start to the project was given last year with Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan’s signing the contract with the donator – the President of the Union of Armenians of the Ukraine Vilen Shatvoryan. The area will be provided with a first aid station, a lavatory. The green zones of the area will be landscaped. Solar panels have already been installed along the area so as to provide it with permanent energy.
The head of Yerevan Municipality Department of Building and Improvement Grigor Harutyunyan gave more details: a new irrigation and drainage system, replacement of electricity cables and gas pipes to a safer location. Five cafes have been dismantled as they weren’t operated any more and were turned into garbage piles. A complex approach was applied in the fulfillment of the project: the skate park is also provided for cycling, roller skating and scooter skating.
The architect of the design Armen Shatvoryan explained that the skate park is planned to be convenient and interesting for both beginners and more skilled skaters.
According to the Deputy Presidents of the Federation of Skateboarding of Armenia Shiraz Khachatryan, skateboarding didn’t use to be very popular in Armenia years ago but today this kind of sport is increasing in popularity and has already become an official Olympic sport. There are many talented skaters in Armenia who can train here to get more skillful and start participating in international competitions.
The well-arrangement of the 6th segment of Circular park was initiated by the community. Mayor Hayk Marutyan instructed to put into order this part of the park which used to be neglected for years. Total area which is being well-arranged is 16 000 sq m.
The head of Kentron administrative district Avet Poghosyan explained that this part of Circular park is one of those rare areas which can be preserved as forest zone, so the Municipality more concentrated on preserving old trees and planting more new trees and bushes. Soon this area will be fully open to townspeople.
The recreation zone is now provided with proper irrigation and external illumination, walkways have been reconstructed and paved, new dustbins and benches will be installed soon. Besides, the area will be fully adjusted to people with disabilities.
“I hope this park will become one of the most beloved recreation areas for townspeople. I wish it could become like Bois de Boulogne in Paris and Central Park in New York”, stressed Avet Poghosyan.
Circular park consists of 6 segments. Its general area is 31 hectares 50-60% of which is occupied by economy entities.
The Municipality negotiates with the entities which aren’t operated properly to make it possible to return these public areas to residents.


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