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“No more illegal construction and land occupation!”: Chief Architect communicates with journalists


No monument or historical building will be dismantled in Yerevan anymore, claimed the Chief Architect of Yerevan Arthur Meschyan during the press-conference in the City Hall.

“As long as I am the Chief Architect, no historical building will be dismantled in Yerevan. The developers who will buy a certain land plot with a monument located on it will be obliged to finance the reconstruction of those buildings. We didn’t use to have such practice, but from now on it will be applied”, stressed Arthur Meschyan.
“Some constructions of historical significance have already been destroyed and it’s impossible to restore them”. According to him, only the Afrikyan’s house can be restored, and only 30% of the original stones of others can be actually used. As regards the land distribution carried out up to now we will do everything so as neither the residents nor the city get damages.
“I have stopped a number of projects, already dug foundations, landworks until logical solutions can be found. Any construction developer must show certain approach to the city and the residents. For example, there is large-scale construction going on in the area adjacent to Stanislavki theater and I expressed my position in this regard, according to which the developer must improve the façade of the theater by their own means”, stressed the Chief Architect.


No illegal construction will be legalized


Referring to the problems of illegal construction and land occupation the Chief Architect said that any cases of legalization of illegal constructions will be excluded.
No more illegal constructions or land occupation! None of them will be legalized. Don’t create problems for yourselves. In return I promise to be your partner and supporter if everything is done legally. The Chief Architect also outlined the problems of illegal construction of attics.
“Illegal attics destroyed the facades of buildings and they such permissions were given is strange at least. The worst thing is that there is no one to blame as too many people were involved in the same process. And I claim that from this day on I will be to blame”, said Arthur Meschyan.
Presenting his approaches to further policy in architecture Meschyan stressed that architecture is the surroundings in which we live our life, and besides it is an exact science requiring accurate approaches.
“Some of the given building permissions puzzle me and the problem is that I have no power to bring change it legally. I have meetings with architectures and developers trying to find logical solutions”, said the Chief Architect.

We have a wonderful city

“In spite of the rooted problems, we have a great city. There are certain problems to be gradually solved. Each administrative district must be well-arranged and brought into order”, emphasized the Chief Architect.


Owners of cafes must not exceed their boundaries

Turning to owners of cafes Arthur Meschyan urged them to free all green areas which were illegally occupied and to carry on their activity only within the boundaries of the land plots they awn or lease. Firm approach will be applied to the buildings the construction of which was stopped long ago.
In conclusion the Chief Architect stressed that there are no unsolvable problems in this sphere.
“Thank God, both the Mayor of Yerevan and the Prime minister agree with this program. It is highly important that all of us support one another and our joint efforts are the guarantee of success”, summarized the Chief Architect of Yerevan.

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