Refresher Training Related to Maintenance, Operation and Monitoring of Solar Stations in Buildings within “EU4Yerevan: Solar Community” Program

Green development

The maintenance of solar photovoltaic stations and lighting systems installed on 97 blocks of flats involved in “EU4Yerevan: Solar community” program, have been transferred  free of charge to the bodies of those buildings management, which are to undertake the operation and maintenance of the buildings starting from 2024.
Monitoring and management of the solar panels installed on those buildings, elevators, inside and outside lighting are supposed to be implemented within the frames of the energetic system operation in Yerevan via EMIS application.
A special refresher training was organized to develop the skills of the specialists of utility divisions of condominiums and administrative districts. The course was organized with the support of Yerevan Municipality and the UNDP Armenian office.

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