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Yerevan mayor had a working visit to Kentron administrative district


The current working visit of Yerevan mayor Karen Karapetyan was to Kentron administrative district. First of all the mayor got acquainted to the work done in the yard of the buildings 2-4 of Mashtots avenue and 17 of Lusavorich street.
This area has recently replenished the number of exemplary yards of Kentron district. The well-arranged look of the yard has been supplemented with children’s games and sport equipment placed here recently. The residents expressed their satisfaction with the work of the condominium, and the first raised problem was irrigation water, regarding which the mayor instructed to find a solution in short terms. The next problem was connected with drainage defects. The mayor noted that regarding this problem a large-scale program is to be implemented in the capital.
Yerevan mayor also walked around the area of underground crossing of Mashtots avenue - Grigor Lusavorich street. The mayor noted that a tender was to be announced in the nearest future regarding the improvement of underground crossings, and the potential investors were to be presented the conditions, according to which the areas would be repaired and lit, proper sanitary conditions would be provided and the residents engaged with business would be offered trade pavilions.
The yard of Hanrapetutyan 62 has been turned into a special recreation zone for its residents. Years ago this yard was recognized the best yard of the district. To the swimming pool which is here to organize children’s recreation they added carousels as well. The” kitchen gardens” previously occupied here by the residents have been eliminated and instead of them new nice benches have been placed.
Karen Karapetyan was also satisfied with the work done in the yard of Mashtots 40a, where all the conditions for proper recreation have been created for the residents of the area. The yard has been put in order. Everything is tidy and well-arranged.
Mr. Karapetyan also walked about Northern avenue and Sayat-Nova street. After the inspective visit in Kentron district the mayor convened a working conference with the staff of the administrative district, during which he focused the attention of those presents to the problem of acceleration the process of dismantling of non-operating and illegal stalls.
Regarding landscaping the mayor noted that the work is going on but the results still don’t satisfy the standards established for landscaping of the center of the capital. The problems requiring urgent solution have been outlined, a number of corresponding solutions have been given.

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