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Functions of the department

The Department of General Education carries out state education policy in the municipal educational establishments via the activity of school and pre-school divisions.
Up to July, 2019 there were 155 schools subordinated to Yerevan Municipality (140 basic schools, 13 secondary schools two of which are educational complexes- “H. Kojoyan” educational complex and “Yerevan educational complex N8 for children with heavy speech disorders” SNCO; and 2 special schools- “Special school N2 for children with mental disorders and the special school N6”; there are also 161 kindergartens.
The SNCOs “Yerevan special school N2 for children with mental disorders, special school N2” and the “Special school N 8 for children with heavy speech disorders” were renamed by the decision of the RA Government N974-A made on July 25, 2019 into the regional centers of pedagogical and psychological support N 1,2 and 3 of Yerevan SNCOs and will function under the jurisdiction of the RA Ministry of ESCS. The total number of the municipal school of Yerevan has become 152.

The main foreign languages taught at the basic municipal schools are Russian, English, French and German. Farsi, Chinese, Italian and Spanish are taught as well.

Inclusive education has been provided in 54 schools and 8 kindergartens. Since September 2019 the program of total inclusion has been carried out in Yerevan, and children with special needs can attend any school within the Municipality jurisdiction.


Activities carried out in 2019

The activities have been aimed at the improvement of skills, abilities and formation of the system of values of students, at providing competitive education.
• To ensure up-to-date methods of teaching the schools were completed with high-quality computers, smart boards (there are 310 of them).
• In collaboration with “The Union of Information Technology Enterprises” NGO, activities aimed at the creation of engineering labs (robotics) have been carried out in schools within the frames of “Instillation of primary engineering education in educational system” program. “Armath” engineering labs were created in the schools N 95, N102 in Yerevan.
• Collaboration of the Department with the National Centre of Educational Technologies (NCET) has been continued.
• Monthly consulting aimed at solving current problems is organized with the heads of the divisions of education, culture and sport of the administrative districts.

• To boost students’ thinking like entrepreneurs, after the experimental stage, the financial and entrepreneurship program of education was started in schools. (schools N 33,51,78,89,125,136).
• Directors of schools regularly present their performance of programs aimed at the development of schools.

• Inclusive education has been provided for 2177 pupils with special needs at 54 municipal schools. According with the decision of the RA Government N 6 made on February 18, 2016 “On the action plan and schedule of installation of the system of general inclusive education”, since 2019 the process of total inclusion has started in all schools of Yerevan. Within the frames of the program of installation of the system of general inclusion, in collaboration with the “Bridge of Hope” NGO trainings related to the theory and application of inclusive education have been provided for teachers. Adaptation activities have been in schools as well.
In relation to compulsory education the cooperation with the divisions for juvenile affairs of the RA Police was continued. As a result of this cooperation 17 juveniles missing school were brought back to school after carrying out corresponding explanatory activities.

Trainings have been provided for the medical nurses in schools.
Necessary changes were made in the curriculum to adapt it for Syrian Armenian schoolchildren. Cultural events, excursions were organized for them. Syrian Armenian schoolchildren took active part in the contests for reciting, essays and in other citywide competitions. The process of organization of summer rest for children without both parents and children from needy families was coordinated by the RA Government decision.

In accordance with the decision of the Mayor of Yerevan N 137-A made on 20.02.2019, territorial and city stages of School Olympiad were organized. The Olympiad on the school subjects “Mathematics”, Chemistry”, “Physics”, “Biology”, “Geography”, “Astronomy”, “Informatics” was held online.2283 pupils participated in the city stage, 527 of which participated to the republican stage.
1st class diplomas in the city stage received 51 pupils, 2nd class diplomas got 111 pupils, and 174 pupils got 3rd class diplomas.
Total number is 336::

The following activities aimed at the formation of the system of values have been organized


•Day of Armenian Army
•Day of Mother Tongue, Day of Book Presenting

•150th anniversary of Hovhannes Tumanyan, 150-th anniversary of Komitas,120th anniversary of Axel Bakunts.:

•100th anniversary of Silva Kaputikyan
•Paruyr Sevak-95.
•Al. Pushkin 220

To boost inter-cultural cooperation advanced French studies were continued in the schools fixed in the agreements.

Cooperation with sister-cities has been continued as well. The working group of the department presented the experience of the educational establishments of Yerevan during its visit to Stepanakert on May 29-31, 2019. A memorandum on making the relationship more effective was signed between Yerevan school N 51 and Stepanakert school n1.
Within the frames of the cooperation program between Yerevan and Saint Petersburg, 8 pupils with high progress from schools of Yerevan, accompanied by 2 teachers participated in “Scarlet Sails” event in St. Petersburg on June 22-24.
The program of cooperation of “The association of school principals of Yerevan and Saint Petersburg” was continued.
Master classes were organized in accordance with the determined schedule by the eminent teachers bearing the title “RA Distinguished Teacher”, “Best teacher of the year”, “Movses Khorenatsi” awardee, Exchange of best experience of principals was organized as well.


Activities of the department provided for September-December 2019

Meetings of the representatives of the international organizations engaged in the development of the sphere of education with school principals, round tables with the aim of assessment and analysis of the quality of education are to be held. “Best teacher of the year”, “Best director of the year” awards are to be organized as well.

*RA Independence Day-28:
* Teachers’ Day
* Yerevan- 2801

Additional information

To get information you need related to the sphere you can phone 011 514-249 (pre-school division), 011 514-250 (school division) or visit the “Education” section of the official website of the Municipality of Yerevan –
The information on the RA legislation related to education is available at the official website of the RA Ministry of Education and Science

General Education Department of the Municipality of Yerevan