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Functions of the department

The Department of General Education of the Municipality of Yerevan ensures implementation of the liabilities delegated to Yerevan Mayor and fulfillment of the state policy in education. The functions of the department are based on the powers entrusted to the Mayor of Yerevan by legal acts in the sphere of education and are called to implement them.


School section

The main foreign languages taught at the basic municipal schools are Russian, English, French and German. Farsi, Chinese, Italian and Spanish are taught as well.

Activities carried out in 2021-2022


With the aim of development of management skills of school principals and professionalism of teaching staffs, a conference of school principals was organized. Various trainings have been and are organized to improve administrative skills and the level of knowledge related to using of e-platforms and e-paperwork.


Civil defense activities

. Centralized trainings were organized in schools to teach seismic defense rules; mock evacuations were held as well;
. Various trainings on fire safety were organized as well and necessary fire equipment was provided to schools.

Public health activities

. Road safety lessons were organized in schools;
. In cooperation with “Together we can do it” NGO seminars on prevention of addictions were organized in 12 schools;
. 13 schools were granted sport equipment within the frames of “Sport week” competition

Within the frames of cooperation with international and public organizations
. British Council organized refresher course for English teachers;
. Teachers of primary schools with Russian classes participated in online conferences organized in cooperation with the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Armenia and Yandex technological company;
. Teachers got the opportunity to participate in “From Education to Job” program organized in cooperation with the RA Ministry of ESCS and the Armenia National Sustainable Development Goals Innovative Lab to provide professional orientation skills.
. Seminars on organization of distant education, monitoring, applying online learning platforms and media literacy were organized with Ombudsman’s office, Cybergate school of cyber safety, “Young Programmers” NGO.

Current activities
. Territorial and city stages of school Olympiads were organized. 430 pupils participated in the city stage received diplomas of 1st, 2nd and 3rd category.

. Schools have been replenished with up-to-date computers, smartboards; “Armath” engineering labs are set up in schools.
. To contribute to students’ aesthetic and moral upbringing, instillation of national thinking and values various events are held dedicated to memorable dates of Armenian history.