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Construction of Argavand-Shirak bridge is at final stage


The fifth large bridge in Yerevan is the most important structure of the western circular road. The bridge of 25 m length and 28 m width over the Hrazdan river is at its final stage.

According to the First Deputy Mayor Hrachya Sarsyan, 70% of the work has been completed. It will still take a few months to complete the road construction and to put into operation the 5th Argavand-Shirak bridge.
The installation manager of the project Nikoloz Dzigava gave the details of the construction and assured that such a metal construction can serve 100-120 years.
The new bridge connects Argavand to Shirak street. The length of the road is 2,7 km and its width is 26 m. It should be noted that an overpass was constructed in the junction of Isakov and Babajanyan streets. The process and quality of construction are supervised by partner international organizations. The head of supervising team Pierre Moris stressed that the bridge and the road were designed and are being constructed in accordance with all European standards that is why they are sure of the quality.
The director of the Armenian office of the Asian Development Bank Paolo Spantigatti marked that Yerevan Municipality and developers are working hard and the results are excellent. According to him, urban programs, city roads are very complicated projects, so it could be stressed that Yerevan has done a great, unbelievable job. Mr. Spantiatti is looking forward to the construction completion so that he could drive along the road himself. The Asian Development Bank attaches importance to the quality of materials, technology and eco-friendliness of activities.
The western circular road will become the main highway connecting the north and the south of the capital. It will be a modern comfortable highway with LED illumination.
Due to this road it will be possible to go from Ashtarak to Aravand passing by the city centre and to enter Ararat marz via Shirak street after the construction of the bridge is over. Thus, it will significantly contribute to traffic relief in the city.
The construction is planned to complete by the end of the year. Active construction is going on in the other part of the road – Babajanyan-Ashtarak segment.

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