6000 trees and bushes to be planted during autumn tree planting

Nature protection

Currently Yerevan Municipality is getting ready for autumn tree planting. Taking into account that the soil in this area was of poor quality it was decided to fulfill the process by the trench method. The soil was very stony and it was rather hard to dig out special trenches. After having dug the trenches specialists fill back the stones and then cover them with high-quality earth. The trenches also serve for using rain waters and saving irrigation waters.

In spring 2 hectares of the area were greened, and this time it was decided to green the whole area of 6,5 ha at once. Approximately 6000 trees and bushes are going to be planted in Tsitsernakaberd. Some sorts of trees are selected to provide stability of soil and proper look. All sorts are selected in accordance with climatic conditions of Yerevan. Wild fruit trees are also provided for the area to serve as food for squirrels and birds. 95% of the trees will be grown in the city arboretum.
Restoration of the forest zones of Yerevan is among the priority tasks of the city authorities which plan to restore 10 forest zones.


Աշնանային ծառատունկին Ծիծեռնակաբերդում 6000 ծառ ու թուփ կտնկվի