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20 elevators to be replaced with new ones by the end of the year


Approximately 4400 elevators are operated in the blocks of flats of Yerevan, and the main part of them needs to be replaced with new ones, as their operation time is 25 years. In 2007-2008 AMD 3 milliard was disbursed from the city budget and it made it possible to renovate about 2500 elevators and to install 35 new ones. However, the problem still requires complex solution.
Taking into account the social aspect of the problem and the threat to human life and health, the Municipality of Yerevan initiated the complex program of replacement of elevators with new ones. Within the frames of the program it is planned to replace 3500 elevators, not including the elevators of high emergency buildings and newly-built blocks as well as load-lifting elevators.
“In January the Municipality announced the complex program for replacement of elevators. The appropriate project has already been affirmed by the Government, inter-departmental working group has been formed”, claimed the Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Hayk Sargsyan.
According to the preliminary data, the program of replacement of 3500 elevators will take 4 years. The rest thing is to get residents agree.
“The city, as a separate budget unit, doesn’t have such financial possibilities, as in this case we speak of 32 milliard drams. As you know, it is the volume of all incomes of the budget of Yerevan for a year. On the instruction of the Mayor of the capital, we carry out a pilot program within the frames of which 20 elevators are to be replaced with new ones in the blocks of flats in Yerevan”.
The building has been selected from 10 administrative districts taking into account their state and the level of shabbiness and some other criteria,
“20 elevators are to be renovated by means of the community budget, which will cost 190 million drams and it is planned that by the end of the year the pilot project will be completed and the elevators will be replaced”, noted Hayk Sargsyan.
Before the realization of the program, this year the city authorities have disbursed 121 million drams for the repairmen and operation of the current elevators facilities which is more than in previous years.

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