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Medical wastes can’t be thrown to city trash containers: inspections are to be carried out


Yerevan hasn’t started sorting and recycling of wastes, however solid and dangerous wastes can’t be thrown to city trash containers. During the weekly working meeting Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan informed that he had toured the administrative districts during the weekend and fixed that the citizens throw household appliances, and even tyres into the trash containers provided for household trash. The Mayor instructed to inform the residents about the necessity of using the trash containers appropriately. Besides, the Municipality urges the residents to put the lids of the containers down after dumping the garbage and instructed relevant services and employees of the administrative districts to ensure the cleanness of trash containers and wash them periodically.
“We have a lot to do with the population. After settling the problem with trash removal we are going to start sorting the garbage and begin with cardboard litter. But before it residents should understand that trash removing trucks are unable to grind up for example TV sets or tyres and trucks get out of order and break down because of it”, said Hayk Marutyan.
The Mayor instructed to study the contracts on destruction of solid and soft wastes of medical establishments and inspect their implementation. It was reported that some days ago the wastes of one of the stomatological clinics (used injectors and so on) were found in the city trash containers. Corresponding department was sent a writing to bring the clinic to responsibility and to exclude such cases.
During the working meeting the Mayor was reported that the control over the trucks transporting building materials. 142 administrative protocols were drawn up for inappropriate transportation.
The construction of the building for the centre for neutralization of stray animals has started. According to the director of the centre, the building will be ready in November.
The trolleybus facility of Yerevan is already 70 years old. The Mayor congratulated the employees during the working meeting and expressed hope that after installation of the new itinerary network, the trolleybuses, as an ecological transport means will meet the requirements of the 21st century.
The results of the 7th Pan-Armenian Games have been summarized. Accordingly, the team of Yerevan got the first place achieving 143 medals, 59 of which are gold.


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