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Residents of two blocks of flats with 4th grade of emergency get keys to new flats


Today, 83 families living in the blocks of flats of 4th grade of emergency at 8 and 9, Artsakh street, got keys to the new fats. 59 more families got the decisions of Yerevan Mayor and the Council of Elders on allotting flats for free use in a new building being built at 3, Misakyan street. Until final resettlement the families living in the blocks with high emergency rate will be living in the flats rented by the Municipality.
Congratulating the families, Mayor Hayk Marutyan noted that the hard, long-lasting period is finally over, and as a result 142 families got the opportunity to live in comfortable conditions.
“For decades our co-citizens were living not simply in uncomfortable flats but in conditions dangerous for life. During these years some of these people stopped believing that one day they can move to new flats. But, thanks God, today we can state that together with the residents we have found optimal solution to this problem”, said the Mayor expressing gratitude to all those who took part in the realization of that project.
After the ceremony of handing the keys Yerevan Mayor visited the building at 15, Shinararneri and familiarized himself with the facilities of the new flats. Hayk Marutyan once again congratulated the residents on moving to new flats and wished them a lot of success.
All the flats are allotted turnkey.
Mayor Marutyan assured that this program of social significance will be continued.


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