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Those who dump wastes in unрrоvided places will be strictly disciplined


The First Deputy Mayor Kamo Areyan convened a working conference with the participation of the heads of condominiums of the administrative district of Kentron, the heads of the Department of Communal Service, of the Department of Trade and Service, the Legal Department of the Municipality as well as the administration staff of the new operator of waste removal and sanitary cleaning-“Sanitek” company. “A similar conference will be held with the participation of all administrative districts, but the conference with the administrative district of Kentron was urgent as since December 1 the waste removal and sanitary cleaning in this district is performed by a new operator. On the instruction of Yerevan Mayor, since the first day two deputy mayors and the head of the district, the head of the Department of Communal Service of the Municipality, the operation headquarters of the city have been trying to assist the operator in the effective work organization. The first 8 days preparations were carried out and afterwards the director of the new company reported that the company is able to go on the work on its own”, said the First Deputy Mayor Kamo Areyan. He also offered the head of Kentron district to apply strict disciplinary methods towards those who dump wastes in the places unprovided for it. Kamo Areyan called the heads of condominiums to be consistent and keep the process at the focus of attention.


Information and Public Relations Department
of the Municipality of Yerevan


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