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Cooperation road map signed between Yerevan and Saint Petersburg


Accompanied by their St Petersburg colleagues the members of Yerevan delegation visited the Piskaryovskoye Memorial Cemetery to pay a memory tribute to the victims of the Siege of Leningrad. The mass graves of more than 420 thousand civilians and 70 thousand soldiers died during the siege are located here. Mayor Hayk Marutyan and the members of the delegation laid flowers at the memorial to the Armenians fallen during the defense of Leningrad.



The meeting of the leaders of Yerevan and Saint Petersburg place afterwards in Smolny-the residence of Saint Petersburg administration.
Attaching importance to the cooperation between the two cities Mayor Marutyan and Governor Beglov outlined the potential of cooperation development and expansion. The parties also stressed that the to-be-signed document will convey a new quality to implementation of practical programs.
“I am sure that due to signing the road map of the cooperation the partnership between Yerevan and Saint Petersburg will develop. Actually, there is a wide field for interaction in the spheres of urban development, social and health protection, education and so on”, marked Mayor Marutyan and invited Governor Beglov to Yerevan with a reciprocal visit.

Saint Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov noted that the visit will benefit the cooperation existing between the sister-cities making it tighter and more mutually beneficial.
“With this document we boost the current cooperation between the two cities and open new perspectives for implementation of programs in different spheres. Saint Petersburg is considered to be one of the Russian centres of Armenian spiritual culture, and taking the opportunity, I’d like to attach particular importance to the contribution of Armenian community to development of the city”, said Mr.Beglov adding that the construction of “Yerevan” trade centre in Saint Petersburg and the construction of “Saint Petersburg” hotel in Yerevan will play an important role in development of commercial and economic ties between the cities.

The expanded meeting was followed by the ceremony of signing the five-year cooperation program. Saint Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov and Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan signed the road map of the cooperation in 2021-2025.
According to the document, the parties undertake the obligation to develop bilateral cooperation in various spheres of urban economy. In particular, joint programs will be carried out to expand the commercial-economic and scientific-technical ties, as well as in the sphere of culture.


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