Yerevan Mayor Hrachya Sargsyan Announced His Resignation


Dear Yerevanians, respectable colleagues,
At the end of 2021, in accordance with the decision of the Council of Elders, I was assigned Mayor of Yerevan, and it was rather a hard period for the community both in the aspect of the problems rooted in the city and in internal and external political conditions, so I considered my main mission to ensure the implementation of the pre-election program of “My Step” alliance and to restore effective cooperation with the government.
I am happy to claim that the last two points were accomplished and this fact can be proved by the work done.
And currently, as the elections for the Council of Elders are upcoming and the political breakup between the municipality and the government is eliminated, I consider my mission as the Mayor of Yerevan to be completed and would like to announce my resignation. At the same time, I want to claim that I will carry on being a part of the political team and working for the development of our state.
As it was previously known, at the upcoming elections for the Council of Elders the list of the “Civil Contract” party will be headed by Tigran Avinyan, and I spoke about it. I hope the “Civil Contract” party will get the vote of trust of Yerevanians and will have the opportunity to continue the implementation of the programs of vital importance for our community.
I’d like to thank all my coworkers for our teamwork.

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