Yerevan Mayor Hrachya Sargsyan visits Traffic Management Centre and Underground of Tehran


The delegation headed by Yerevan Mayor Hrachya Sargsyan which is in the capital of Iran with an official visit attended the traffic management centre of Tehran together with the Deputy Mayor Seyed Mojtaba Shafei who coordinates the sphere of transport and traffic. The director of the centre noted that with the help of 2500 cameras working 24 hours they control the transport system of the city, organize proper traffic and receive online information about accidents, constructions held in the streets, traffic jams and constantly changing number of vehicles. Presenting the program of reforms initiated in Yerevan, Hrachya Sargsyan attached particular importance to applying successful experience of partner cities in Yerevan.
Later the members of Yerevan delegation visited the Underground of Tehran, toured around the stations. The Underground  opened in 2000 has 250-km network, 143 stations and transports nearly 2 million passengers daily. Yerevan Mayor Hrachya Sargsyan noted that the program of construction of the 11th metro station called Ajapnyak had started in Yerevan. Currently it is through the design phase.