Overhauling Going in Policlinics of Yerevan


 “Nork Marash” branch of Yerevan policlinic N4 is the only outpatient clinic in the administrative district. The medical establishment functioning since 1963 has never been overhauled. In 2022, Yerevan Municipality initiated structural changes in the sphere: to enhance the work of policlinics they were merged, and the next essential issue was to improve the facilities.The construction process in Nork Marash policlinic started last year.
The foundations have been reinforced and thermo-insulation of the building has been provided. After the renovation process is over the surrounding yard area will be well-arranged and greened. The buildings of most policlinics in Yerevan were built about 50 years ago. Throughout the years partial renovations were performed, however, the fundamental problems had been awaiting their solution. Currently, renovation is going on in 5 outpatient clinics, and 4 ones are under overhauling.
In parallel with the renovation processes the community purchased new medical equipment. The Municipality plans not only to improve the conditions but to completely change the format of policlinics as well. The programs targeted at the improvement of the sphere will be continued. More details are available in the video.


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