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Comparing with previous year revenue collection in Yerevan has increased by 2 milliard 186 million drams


“Sanitek” company refused to provide the Municipality with the list of all commercial areas where it carried out payable waste removal. During the regular working meeting it reported that currently the industrial wastes of these organizations are dumped into city trash containers or adjacent territories but actually they have no right for it. It is the sixth day “Sanitek” has stopped meeting its contractual obligation in the whole are of Yerevan community.
In the event of the 80th birthday anniversary of Tigran Mansuryan his music compositions will sound at all metro stations of Yerevan from 1 to 13 of September.

The director of “The centre for neutralization of stray animals” SNCO reported that 98 dogs were vaccinated, sterilized and chipped the previous week. 4 of the dogs were hosted by animal lovers.

29 protocols on improper organization of building sites were drawn up last week. Mayor Hayk Marutyan instructed to strengthen the control and take measures to ensure appropriate arrangement of building sites and security. “The actions should not be only punishing but preventive as well”, said the Mayor.
In 34 streets of Erebuni administrative district modernization of external lighting system is going on. The director of “Yerkaghluys” (“Yerevan city lights”) company reported that in Kanaker-Zeytun and Avan administrative districts the inventory of the cable facilities of external lighting system had been completed. Accordingly, the entries of the company have increased by AMD 1 million 300 thousand within one month. For a year this rate makes up 15 million 600 thousand.
The performance of planned and collected revenues for January-August of 2019 has been summarized. As regards revenues of Yerevan the budget performance is 103.6%. The actual collected amount has increased by 2 milliard 186 million drams comparing with the same period of last year. The Mayor assigned the heads of administrative districts to keep the process of revenue collection under everyday control.
The head of the Department of General Education reported that 11 thousand 860 pupils went to the 1st form in the academic year of 2019-2020.

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