6000 Trees to Be Planted in Yerevan During Spring Tree Planting Actions

Nature protection

This year, the green zones of Yerevan are going to be expanded by 15 hectares, 30 km of new irrigation network is to be installed. 6000 trees are going to be planted during the spring tree plantings action: approximately 4000 trees are to be planted in “Yerablur” Military Pantheon, the rest ones – in different parts of the city. Main part of the trees is of valuable, durable sorts: oaks, firs, horse chestnuts, plane trees and 300 decorative trees will be planted along the sidewalks and in parks of the city.
According to the head of “Landscaping and Environment Protection” SNCO Armen Begoyan, the expansion of the green fund of the city relates to the irrigation network, thus, the company plans to install 30 km of irrigation systems. This spring, tree planting has already started in the areas with proper irrigation. A project of high importance is laying of a forest zone in “Yerablur” Military Pantheon. All preparations are over and the action is scheduled for April 8.
Generally, 30 sorts of threes have been purchased, the preference was given to deciduous sorts with large crowns.
It should be noted that all the trees which are to replace old and sick trees in the capital are more than 10 years old and are 3-5 m in height. New alleys are formed during tree planting actions. One such area is in Nor Nork. This area of 170 linear meters has never been covered with trees. Plane trees of 5 m in height have been planted in this area. Approximately 1 million flowers, plants and bushes will be planted in the city as well. 
The head of the communal landscaping company also informed that they are going to expand the greenhouse facilities.
The problem of preservation and expansion of green zones is among the priority tasks of the city authorities.

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