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First session of newly-elected Council of Elders of Yerevan


Basing on the decision N79-A of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Armenia “On summarizing the results of snap elections for the Council of Elders of Yerevan held on September 23,2018” and on the protocol N1 “On registration of the elected members of the Council of Elders of Yerevan” made on October 4,2018 by the RA Central Elections Commission, in accordance with part 6,Paragraph 17 of the law “On Local self-governance in Yerevan” and point 107 of the Regulations of the Council of Elders of Yerevan, the first session of the newly-elected Council of Elders was held. Of 65 members of the Council 60 ones present at the meeting. Before starting the meeting the members of “My step”, “Prosperous Armenia” and “Luys” factions were registered in accordance with the determined procedure.

In accordance with the RA Law “On Local self-governance in Yerevan”, the eldest member of the Council Lilit Pipoyan who chaired the first meeting of the newly-elected Council presented that in accordance with paragraph 44 of the RA Law “On local-self-governance in Yerevan”, Hayk Marutyan who was number one candidate in the proportional list of “My step alliance of parties” and got more than 50% of votes was elected Mayor of Yerevan by the force of law. Accordingly, the right to chair the meeting was passed to Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan.
Before turning to the items on the agenda Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan congratulated everyone on the first working day and expressed confidence that as a result of the teamwork of this staff of the Council everything possible will be done to solve all the problems of townspeople.
“This is an exciting moment, and I really happy that we, the members of the Council, represent the residents of Yerevan and all this took place via free, fair and transparent elections. Today we have a historic opportunity to make the dreams we and the population of Yerevan have had for years and have now. I am sure that this Council, no matter what party its members belong to will do its best to make Yerevanians smile every day, every minute, every second. I consider the Council as a whole body and don’t distinguish its members in accordance with factions, as all of us, the 65 members of the Council, must work together and every moment think about our city, our co-citizens. I ask all the members to be attentive to all the problems of Yerevan residents, to give urgent respond to all alarm calls and to discuss the issues to find solutions as fast as possible”, said Hayk Marutyan.

In accordance with the agenda Yerevan Council of Elders confirmed the staff of temporary counting commission. The Council elected the members of the temporary counting commission. Eduard Avetisyan from “My step” faction, Markos Harutyunyan from “Prosperous Armenia” faction and Ani Khachatryan from “Luys” faction were appointed members of accounting commission.
The next item of the agenda related to appointing the date of the next meeting of the Council to be held on the event of Yerevan Mayor’s inauguration.
According to Paragraph 47 of the RA Law “On local self-governance in Yerevan”, Yerevan Mayor takes office at the session convened on the third calendar day after his election by taking an oath to the residents of Yerevan. So the Council decided that the ceremony of inauguration of Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan is to take place on October 13, at 12 o’clock, at the special meeting of the Council of Elders.
Yerevan Council of Elders also confirmed the staff the standing commissions.
According to the Regulations, of the four standing commissions of the Council the chairman of the standing commission for financial-credit and economic issues was elected the member of “My step” faction Ashor Mnatsakanyan, his deputy-Levon Hovhannisyan. Satenik Mkrtchyan from “My step” faction was elected to chair the standing commission for culture, education and social issues, deputy-Hakob Melikyan. The standing commission for urban development an land use issues is to be chaired by Arsen Karapetyan (“My step faction”, deputy-Markos Harutyunyan (“Prosperous Armenia faction”. The standing commission for legal issues is to be chaired by Arusyak Julhakyan (“My step” faction), deputy Gayane Melkom melkomyan.
Yerevan Coucnil of Elders made a decision to convene the next meeting on November 13.
It should be noted that, in accordance with the decision of the Central Election Commission, “My step” alliance of parties got 57 mandates, “Prosperous Armenia” party got 5 mandates and “Luys” alliance got 3 mandates.
At the end of the meeting Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan answered the journalists’ questions.


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