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It’s nice to realize that the future of our city will be built by the school-leavers representing today’s brilliant generation: Hayk Marutyan


Dear school-leavers,

The last week of your school life is coming to the end. I know that you imagined this event differently. I hope this unexpected situation hasn’t saddened you too much, as life often gives us numerous surprises bringing new experiences and therefore-new skills of overcoming any challenges.
For instance, during these days of epidemic you learnt to make use of distant tools of education which is a skill you will certainly need in your future studies and jobs. The isolation caused by the quarantine is a real hardship at your age however it created an occasion to re-evaluate our friends and relatives, to enjoy communication with our dearest people.
I’d like to congratulate and thank your teachers who were next to you for many years, and during these months they were able to complete their mission with dignity by getting rapidly “reformatted” and replacing the process of teaching into online platform. I also congratulate your parents on this exciting and important day!
I am happy to live in the same city with such people, it’s really nice to realize that the future of our city will be built by the school-leavers of this brilliant generation. Congratulations and good luck to you!
During any hardships you encounter in your life, please, remember that you are Armenians which means you are honest, hardworking, lawful and creative. And what is the most important, that we are strong together!


Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan