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Armenian and French archaeologists finish excavations at Erebuni fortress


A serious archaeological project of excavations has been carried out at Erebuni fortress since 2008. Armenian and French archaeologists collaborate in this research program which involves the columned hall of the fortress, the area surrounding the Temple of God Iubsha and the outer quarter beyond the fortress. Prior to completing the archaeological excavations in 2021, the results of the studies were presented to Yerevan Deputy Mayor Gayane Melkom Melkomyan and to the Ambassador of France to Armenia H.E. Mr Jonathan Lacote. Accompanied by the director of the historical-archaeological reserve-museum Mikael Badalyan the Deputy Mayor and the Ambassador walked about the area and got acquainted with the work done.

In 2019, the area was first observed from UAVs, in 2021 new technologies were used again to carry out 3D photogrammetric surveys of the fortress. The surveys made it possible to clarify the structure of the big cultural complex.
In 2021, the research of the square at Iubsha Temple continued and it became possible to have an idea about its condition and installation in the 8th or 7th century BC. The great hall with 30 columns was also researched to find out its exact date between the Urartian period and Achaemenid Empire of Persia. (late 7th century BC – mid 6th century BC). Some residential areas beyond the citadel are researched as well.
Besides this research, the Armenian-French collaboration related to exclusive heritage dated as far back and the beginning of Yerevan origin, as well as to assessment methods, especially via digital technology.
This research program gets support from Yerevan Municipality, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France and the French Embassy in Armenia.


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