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Hayk Marutyan introduces new heads of Nor Nork and Ajapnyak administrative districts


Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan introduced the new heads of Nor Nork and Ajapnyak administrative districts.

The head of Nor Nork district is Hovhannes Manukyan who worked as a head of Nork-Marash administrative district before it. During the meeting with the staff of the administrative district Hayk Marutyan noted that Nor Nork is one of the districts with a large number of blocks of flats and therefore with numerous problems related to elevators facilities, renovation of entrances and roofs as well as to landscaping. The Mayor expressed hope that the newly-appointed head of the district would be able to manage the challenges. The Mayor outlined that the efficiency of the work of condominiums is also vital.

“Unfortunately, condominiums could hardly be considered a successful system as they used to be engaged in other activities such as elections and so on. Today, it’s time to recover the whole system and I expect all heads of administrative districts to have approaches to achieve the results”, said Hayk Marutyan. He also stressed that the staffs of administrative district should work more effectively to increase the population’s awareness of the process of waste sorting which kicks off this year.




Then Hayk Marutyan then visited Ajapnyak district where introduced the new head of the district Telman Tadevosyan. Outlining the main problems of Ajapnyak the Mayor also outlined the issue of residents’ awareness of their rights and obligations as well as the problem of the blocks with high emergency rate.

“There are several blocks of flats which have 4th degree of emergency. Although the residents are the holders of the ownership of these buildings and the city authorities don’t take the responsibility for it and are not obliged to resettle the residents, we undertake a part of this problem: there is already a plot of land on which we want to erect a building by our own efforts. We are going to resettle the residents of those buildings in Arzumanyan street moving them to these new flats and continue this process with other buildings. Ajapnyak will serve a model for other districts”, said the Mayor.
Hayk Marutyan also referred to the problem of mines in Ajapnyak stressing that the city authorities do their best to limit mining in the capital as much as possible, and the exploitation of a new mine has been refused recently.
As regards illegal construction the Mayor stressed that they must apply all legal methods to fight against it.

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