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Hayk Marutyan visits sites of roads under construction


The construction of Babajanyan-Ashtarak, Argavand-Shirak segments of the western circular road of Yerevan is going on in full swing. Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan watched the process during his working visit to the construction sites.

Total length of Babajanyan-Ashtarak road segment is 9.4 km, average width is 24 m. It is going to have 3 overground bridges and 3 passages for secondary roads, as well as a transport hub at the junction with Nor Silikyan street. This segment of the road is almost ready.
“As a driver I would say that there is significant difference. The road meets the requirements of the international standards, it is comfortable and maximally safe for driving”, said the Mayor.
The road is going to be lit with LED lamps. The communication lines located under the road have been replaced. A new sewage has been constructed for the adjacent residential quarters as the area didn’t use to have any.
According to the team leader of the supervising company Mike Neylan, the new road is safer for pedestrians as there will be overground bridges and proper illumination. As regards the traffic he informed that it will be a freeway, some traffic lights will be removed to increase the traffic capacity. With the settlement of some technical problems the program has made significant progress.

“Transit roads are essential for each city. Today, the vehicles have to move through the centre of Yerevan even if they don’t need to stay in Yerevan and this fact aggravates the heavy traffic. Such vehicles will make use of this road and it will relieve the traffic in the city centre and make it more convenient for townspeople and save drivers a lot of time”, stressed Hayk Marutyan.

Argavand-Shirak road segment has the length of 2.7 km and average width of 26 m. It also involves the metal bridge over the Hrazdan river and an overground bridge in the junction of Isakov-Babajanyan streets. The metal bridge will have the length of 25 m and width of 28 m.
The Mayor stated that this hub connects two roads and is of high importance. The bridge is being constructed by special technology that’s why the contractor chosen for this construction is an experienced Spanish company specialized in bridge construction.
The team leader of the supervising organization Pierre Moris informed that their company had watched the whole process, checked the results so they are not worried with the quality of the bridge which had been designed to serve for a century. It’s maximally safe for drivers. At the end of the construction all safety checkouts will be applied and the bridge will be put into operation afterwards.

With the financing of the 2nd tranche of the Sustainable Urban Development investment program these two roads will provide uninterrupted connection between Davtashen, Ajapnyak, Malatia-Sebastia and Shengavit administrative districts.
“We have scheduled the opening of the road for this year. Hard work is going on in all segments simultaneously. Unfortunately, COVID-19 and the war caused some deviations from the schedule but we are doing our best to make the deviation minimal”, said the Mayor.
The western circular road will connect the northern and southern entrances of the capital.


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