Hayk Sargsyan: negotiations get to the stage of metro station and bridge design


Yerevan Deputy Mayor Hayk Sargsyan answered the journalists’ questions

On what stage are the negotiations related to the construction of the trade centre and a metro station in Ajapnyak administrative district by the private company

Hayk Sargsyan: The negotiations are on the stage of the metro station and the bridge design. We have arranged with the investor that the financing is to be done from the stage of designing to calculate the outlay. The issue of the construction of the metro station within the frames of the calculated price formed as a result will be discussed later together with the construction of a mall and a business centre in the end of the station which was proposed by the investor. The builders attracted by the investor have visited Yerevan recently to carry out studies both in the area of the canyon and in the area of the tunnel to understand the preliminary feasibility of the program. We have made a final agreement to carry out the project, to discuss the business model which they will present on the basis of the standards required by us. We hope that next spring we will start the activities.

Several spots for the station are discussed. How is the spot to be selected?

Hayk Sargsyan. The current project being discussed with the investor supposes location of the station on the modern-constructed bridge coming out from the Hrazdan gorge. The logic of the station construction also supposes the next station to be continued along the tunnel. Speaking about the time of “Ajapnyak” metro station is not real at the moment as the investor hasn’t made the final decision in all details. We can’t speak about the business model and the contract until we get the outlay and have the clear estimates of the financial stage. According to the international standards, the cost of 1 km of metro construction is USD 100 million. Taking into account that we already have the tunnel, I suppose the expenditures will be half of that amount.

When will Yerevan get rid of the shabby, dangerous “Gazel” minivans?

Hayk Sargsyan. The problem of “death Gazels” has been discussed many times, and recently the First Deputy Mayor informed that we have reached the stage of discussing the financial sources with the government. I mean, that the financial and structural model is ready. After the clarification of the financial source with the government we will start the implementation of the program which will mean the installation of the new transport network. Before it the rolling stocks of the existing transport means are to be modernized and renovated. Currently, by the Mayor’s instruction, out team coordinated by the First Deputy Mayor, undertook attraction, importing of a new rolling stock. We have set a task to import a certain quantity of transport means next year so that we could solve the problems with public transport by the time we have installed the whole network completely.

Will the problem be solved before next elections?

Hayk Sargsyan. -Yes, I believe, the new transport network will have been installed before nest elections and the problem with transport will have been solved.

The dispute with “Sanitek” is getting to Arbitration court. What are your expectations?

Hayk Sargsyan. I’ve said once and am going to repeat it: if the Municipality had had any doubts in its justifications and evidences, it would have never undertaken the contract termination. Thus, out activities explain the stronghold of our position from our point of view and from the position of our legal block.

So, there will be no new operator, the services will be provided by the community-owned establishment?

Hayk Sargsyan. Yes, the possibility of attracting a new operator is not discussed yet, as the full phase of sanitary cleaning and waste removal has not been completed yet. Yes, the trash removal has been set in order, but the process of sanitary cleaning is not over yet; we are still replenishing the labour and technical resources, including vacuum cleaners. When we have put the whole process in proper order we will be able to discuss the possibility of attracting a new operator.

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