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Reconstructed Yerevan Zoo has started its new season on the 1-st of June


The RA President Serzh Sargsyan together with his grandchildren, accompanied by Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan visited Yerevan Zoo where for the first time large-scale works have been carried out as part of the 2013-2015 Yerevan Zoo Renovation and Development Program. Accompanied by Mayor Taron Margaryan, the Armenian President toured the Zoo, familiarized himself with the work aimed at the improvement and development of the municipal zoo and the conditions of the newly-built aid station saturated with modern technologies. Presenting the details of the Zoo Development Program to President Serzh Sargsyan, Yerevan Mayor mentioned that such large-scale activities hadn’t been carried out in the Zoo since its foundation. Total costs of the Zoo Development Program being carried out since 2013 made up one milliard Armenian dram. The complex improvement program included reconstruction of the stone arch entrance to the Zoo. The checkpoint of the zoo has been rebuilt to be equipped with devices for electronic inspection and registration. Car parking area has been significantly expanded. A new vet clinic has been built and provided with modern equipment. A new playground has been built where for the first time inclusive playgrounds for children have been installed. Yerevan Zoo also has a new hippodrome and artificial cascades. New drinking fountains have been installed and a 7000 m2 piece of land has been landscaped, new tree varieties and shrubs have been planted and flower design works have been carried out. Artificial waterfalls with original place solutions have been built. Electric machines have been acquired and will be put into use to make walking at the zoo more convenient and interesting. The lighting system of the zoo has been totally redesigned, as a result of which lightening will be provided through energy-saving light bulbs. According to the executives, the lightening will also get artistic solutions and all the external cables spoiling the appearance of the zoo have been lowered down into the ground. All the roads and alleys of the zoo have been asphalted and renovated. Answering the questions of the journalists Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan congratulated the children on the International Children’s Day wishing them a carefree childhood. Concerning the activities carried out in the Zoo Yerevan Mayor stressed that the first stage of the park reconstruction provided by the program had been completed. “No capital reconstruction had been carried out within the 35 years of its functioning and in this regard the project is unprecedented indeed. Within the scope of the reconstruction program large-scale activities had been carried out. In particular, I’d like to point out that before the Development Program the zoo’s 34-hectare area only seven had been inhabited by animals and had been of use, while presently this number has reached 16 hectare. Today, the Zoo area covers 16 hectares. In parallel with the construction of new and reconstruction of old cages another important problem had been solved: a new vet clinic corresponding to international standards had been built. We are going to continue our cooperation with the zoos worldwide due to which we are going to purchase new animals and to increase the number of species”, stressed the Mayor. Taron Margaryan also stressed that the development program would be of long duration and as a result Yerevan Zoo would not only get bigger and better but would also surpass the facilities of similar zoological gardens in some criteria, becoming this way one of the special features of Yerevan. “I am sure that the Zoo would become a convenient recreation place both for children and grown-ups. In 2016 we are planning to start the second stage of reconstruction completing within the Yerevan Zoo Improvement Program. As a result the park will not only become the best one in the region but a modern specialized center cooperating with other zoos and NGOs and associations of animals’ protection from other countries”, stressed Yerevan Mayor.


Information and Public Relations Department
of the City Hall of Yerevan


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