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New park presented to the city is put into operation in Main Avenue


The park located in Saryan-Mashtots avenue segment of Main Avenue was put into operation after reconstruction. The reconstruction and improvement of the park started in 2015.
The recreation zone was opened by Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan and the First Vice-President of “Tashir Group” Narek Karapetyan. The RA Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan, members of the Council of Elders of Yerevan, guests were present at the ceremony of opening. The park occupying the area of about 20 000 sq m was landscaped, nearly 10 thousand trees, bushes were planted, lawns were formed with flowers. The recreation zone stands out with beautifully illuminated fountain constructions. The fountains consisting of 600 jets make it possible to create images and hold water shows accompanied by music.
Yerevan mayor Hayk Marutyan and Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan together with Narek Karapetyan walked about the park, familiarized themselves with the work done and the conditions provided for townspeople’s recreation.
To fulfil the project “Tashir Group” company invested about USD 15 million. Narek Karapetyan noted that the cooperation with the community will be continued.

“Classical music will sound in the park all day long but after 23:00 we will keep the sound limit so as the music won’t bother residents. I think we will be able to provide a nice atmosphere and the park will become one of the beloved recreation zones. Yerevan has a great touristic potential and we try to boost it. The Mayor adopted the right policy of the city development, and as one of the city investors we are always interested and ready for cooperating”, said Narek Karapetyan.
Attaching importance to community-private sector cooperation Mayor Marutyan thanked the charity foundation of “Tashir Group” for such a present to the capital.
“A great work was done. This is another successful example of cooperation between the state and the private sector. And this cooperation hasn’t been finished yet, we have still a lot to be done in relation to the underground passage and the upper part of the park. We also have the investor who wants to fulfil a project in the segment from the area adjacent to the park to Children’s Railway. A pretty picture will be created as after completion of “Old Yerevan” project we will be able to walk from Khanjyan street through the parks and reach Children’s Railway. It is very important to have a dialogue in this project, and it seems to be successful, because both parties have great love for Yerevan. My priority requirement is safety. The city should be safe for pedestrians, it must be green and comfortable for living and beinf happy”, said the Mayor.
“We can’t leave the underground passage in the state it is now. The problem must be solved. The park causes us to carry on the investment program. We will try to find interesting solutions so as the people spending their leisure here in winter can do it in the area of underground passage”, said the Vice-President of “Tashir Group” Narek Karapetyan.


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