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With the aim of “Green city” program implementation the action plan is to be worked out in nearest future


A number of issues related to the action plan of working out and implementation of “Green city” program were discussed during the meeting of Yerevan Deputy Mayor Vahe Nikoyan with the representatives of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The heads of corresponding subdivisions of Yerevan Municipality as well as the representatives of the international consulting company “Ernst and Young”.

Stressing the importance of “Green city” program, Vahe Nikoyan noted that Yerevan Municipality highly appreciates the cooperation with the EBRD and the willingness of the bank to assist in program realization.
“In the conditions of constant growth of Yerevan population it's very important for the city to provide the balance between the environment and the citizens. Working out “Green city” program is of high importance. We expect significant positive influence on the environment, reduction of the volumes of emissions and effective use of natural resources. Yerevan Municipality in its turn is ready to assist in the implementation of the program”, said Vahe Nioyan.
Presenting the program and the bank's interest in its implementation the EBRD representative Lin Otredy noted that the changes expected due to the program implementation will have positive influence not only on the capital of Armenia but also on the country and the region in general.
During the meeting the consulting company “Ernst and Young” presented the main components of the program. The process will be consisted of 4 main stages. The situation in Yerevan will be studied by the consulting company and in teamwork with Yerevan Municipality investment programs will be worked out in the spheres of public transport, water supply, sewerage water clean-up, introduction of energy saving heating systems and urban solid wastes management. As a result of comprehensive implementation of “Green city” actions it is planned to reduce the volumes of CO2 emissions bringing them to correspondence with the standards of the WHO, as well as to attract additional grant means to implement the programs for environment protection. The population of the capital will be involved in the process at all the stages of the program, public hearings will be organized.
The parties made an agreement to form a working team for detailed discussion of the program, as well as for outlining the priority tasks of the capital. Specifying the deadlines of implementation, Vahe Nikoyan once again stressed the importance of the program from the point of view of urban economy and noted that “Green city” project is planned to be included in the program of Yerevan development.



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