Concert of “Yerevan” Youth Symphony Orchestra


The concert of “Yerevan” Youth Symphony Orchestra was held in “Aram Khachatryan” concert hall on February 12. This important project brought together more than 80 students of 24 municipal music and art schools and about 20 students of other educational establishments.
The studies of the young musicians at music and art schools is organized free of charge, and their teachers are paid for their extra lessons. The Municipality initiated the program of procurement of high quality expensive musical instruments; concert tours of orchestra throughout Armenia and abroad are planned.
For his significant contribution to the development of Armenian music art and to the cultural life of Yerevan, the RA Distinguished Art Figure, conductor Eduard Topchyan has been awarded with “Argishti the First” medal by the decision of Yerevan Mayor Tigran Avinyan.
More details are available in the video.


Կայացել է «Երևան» պատանեկան սիմֆոնիկ նվագախմբի համերգը