Strategy of Digital Transformation of Yerevan to Be Worked Out


Yerevan Municipality in association with the World Bank kicks off the program of digital transformation of the city. It is primarily aimed at the improvement and availability of the services provided to residents by the city.

The issues related to the development of the strategy were discussed during the meeting of Yerevan Deputy Mayor Tigran Avinyan with the representatives of the World Bank. Outlining the wide range of possibilities for cooperation, the vice-mayor marked that full digitation of the services provided for citizens is a key task for the city authorities. In particular, Tigran Avinyan pointed out the necessity of digitation and simplification of the processes giving building permissions, feedback with residents including “Hot Line” service. The idea of creation of a unified platform for the services provided by the Municipality was discussed as well. The platform will be available for townspeople via a website and a mobile app. The convenience for users was outlined as a priority. The vice-mayor stressed that it is essential to have a separate strategy for digital transformation of the capital although Yerevan is also involved in the program of strategic actions for Armenia’s digitalization. Considering the arrangements made during the visit to Washington as well as today’s discussions, Tigran Avinyan expressed hope that in near future the process will be put into practice and with the support of the World Bank it will became possible to accomplish that important project.
Having thanked for the meeting the representatives of the World Bank Khuram Faruk and Arman Vatyan expressed willingness to show all possible support to the process and said that they expected the city authorities to provide them with the list of priority services. The parties also spoke about perspectives of other joint projects and arranged to hold  more practical discussions.

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