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Park of Life to be created in Yerevan: 30 hectares and 14 thousand trees


A park dedicated to the memory of the heroes fallen during all the years of Artsakh struggle for independence is going to be created in Yerevan Botanical Garden. About 14 thousand trees will be planted in the area of 30 hectares.
A number of young people and parents of fallen servicemen had the idea independently of one another and they united round that idea.

The members of the initiating team claim that after common discussions they understood that creation of the Park of Life is the best way perpetuate the memory of the heroes and besides the city will have a new green zone.
The fallen David Khachatryan’s father, Karen Khachatryan stressed that this is initiative has a completely different notion: it should symbolize life and peace.

Yerevan Municipality responded the idea at once. Mayor Hayk Marutyan instructed to form a working group. It was necessary to select an appropriate area for the park. It wasn’t just a regular project and the address was to be relevant.
“We have been discussing the project commemorating the fallen in 44-day Artsakh war from the very beginning, but the Government suggested dedicating it to the servicemen killed during the whole period of Artsakh struggle for independence. We needed a big area. Thus we decided on Botanical Garden. It will make it possible to revive the territory”, marked Yerevan Mayor’s Deputy Gayane Melkom Melkomyan.

Today the hill where the park is to be laid is neglected and lonely. Lack of irrigation and fires left almost no vegetation on it.
The design of the park will mainly include platans. This sort of tree is long-living and it is also the symbol of Artsakh. Besides, it resembles military uniform. Blossoming and fruit trees will be planted as well. Generally, the park should have an optimistic, uplifting look, be a nook of peace and harmony but not sadness and desperation.
400 plane trees were brought from Italy and are to be kept in Botanical Garden to be replanted in the new park.
Designing of Park of Life is going on currently. The ceremony of laying the park is scheduled for next year. Improvement and greening activities will take a few years. Installation of proper irrigation and illumination networks is to be complied first.

The project is to be financed by the Government.


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