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President of Metropolis of Lyon hosts Mayor of Yerevan


Yerevan Mayor Hrachya Sargsyan had a meeting with the President of the Metropolis of Lyon Bruno Bernard. Summarizing the joint programs and outlining further plans the parties clarified the spheres of interest. In particular, together with the leading specialists of Lyon Metropolis they discussed the implementation of joint programs in the sphere of traffic management, development and expertise of the General Plan of Yerevan as well as the landscape design.

“Yerevan cooperates with more than 50 cities worldwide and is a member of 8 international and regional organizations creating a large-scale contractual field and implementing joint programs. Yerevan highly appreciates the experience of its French partner cities and the possibility to make use of it via experience exchange and technical assistance. Taking the opportunity, I’d like to express gratitude for the aid provided by more than local self-governance bodies of France which was aimed at overcoming the problems caused by the Artsakh war of 2020”, marked Yerevan Mayor Hrachya Sargsyan in his speech.
The President of Lyon Metropolis Bruno Bernard expressed willingness to assist in the implementation of all new programs.
“The collaboration formed between Yerevan Municipality and Lyon Metropolis has a many-year history and today it is an honour for us to expand our partnership. We have chosen important and complicated directions. I am sure that joining efforts we will be able to find solutions to those problems”, stressed the President of Lyon Metropolis.
The cooperation between Lyon Metropolis and Yerevan will be developing within a new, three-year program. The program development starts in 2023.


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