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“The aim of pubic transport reforms in the capital is creation of new transport system meeting the residents’ requirements”: Vahe Nikoyan


During the press conference in the City Hall the Deputy Mayor, the head of the working group for Yerevan pubic transport reforms Vahe Nikoyan presented the main features of the new network project and the principles on which the work is based. Attaching importance to pubic significance of the process Vahe Nikoyan noted that public awareness and clear understanding of the process are necessary as the aim of the whole process is to create the new transport system meeting residents’ requirements.
“First of all I’d like to outline that we set the demand before the specialists of the consulting organizations to draw maximally optimal and economically available new transport network. Today I am going to refer to a number of issues related to the new transport network which are of public concern”, said Vahe Nikoyan adding that the rumours related to drivers layoffs, transport means shortage, increasing of traffic time or tariffs are actually caused by the low level of awareness of the process.
“People think that if the rolling stock is reduced then the number of drivers will be reduced too however it is not true. In new conditions drivers will be working in turns so even more drivers may be needed”, said Vahe Nikoyan.
Referring to reduction of the rolling stock Yerevan Deputy Mayor stressed that it is the result of optimal solutions and smart design. The accounted 939 buses and 111 trolleybuses are enough for complete servicing of passengers in the capital. At the same time the 42 itineraries provided by the new network will cover the whole area of the capital. One of the most important principles of the new network is making it possible for people to move from A to B points more quickly as there will be a fixed timetable for vehicles and people will be able to plan their movement. People will pay once for one trip which means that changing two or more transport won’t influence the fare.
We’d like to note that currently the draft of the new public transport network is t the final stage. Other stages of improvement process including ticket system, operation model and other components are to be continued. The calculation of the tariffs will be made after completion of all stages and the priority will be given to availability of tariffs.


Information and Public Relations Department
of the City Hall of Yerevan


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