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Another square free from cars


The square in front of Mergelyan park which is called after Mher Mkrtchyan used to serve a parking spot for many years. At weekends it was used as an agricultural market. Currently, the activities are going on to clear up and improve the area and to restore the square. After the activities are over the competition for the project will be announced.

According to the head of Arabkir district Aram Danielyan, everything will be done to have a well-arranged green area with a water basin, benches and all other comforts for residents. With this area they are starting the improvement of the whole territory of Mergelyan park.
Before this, another garden of this district, “New Arabkir” garden better known as “Molokan’s garden” will soon be opened for residents after complete improvement carried out within the frames of the annual programs of Yerevan Municipality.

The head of the district informed that the garden used to be leased for 50 years, however they have been able to come to an agreement with the leaser and the garden was returned to the community before the leasing contract is expired.
The area of 3 hectares will be provided with new irrigation system and external lighting, wheelchair access, the fountains will be re-operated, the New Arabkir monument will be restored and all comforts will be created for people.

Yard areas and roofs of blocks of flats are improved as well.


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